Latest news from around the solar system 6/24/2022
Nuclear Weapons on Oberon 6/24/2022
The government of Oberon today announced they have successfully tested a nuclear bomb. By the end of...
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Gladiator fights back on Rhea 5/7/2022
It's been 8 years since the Rhea parliament banned the popular gladiator fights where combatants bat...
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Titans offered surgery to remove sense of smell 4/16/2022
The Titan government has offered a new solution to the Titan stench problem. All residents of Titan ...
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Governor of Ganymede escapes from kidnappers 4/6/2022
The governor of Ganymede who was kidnapped last week and tortured by communist rebels showed up toda...
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Uruguayans furious over Argentine killing of Pluto capybara. 3/31/2022
Last night drunk celebrating Argentines on one of the Pluto bases controlled by Argentina killed and...
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Governor of Ganymede kidnapped by communist rebels 3/29/2022
Earlier today a group of heavily armed communist rebels stormed the Ganymede capitol building and ab...
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Martian psycho rights leader killed by psycho 3/25/2022
Oleg Popov, leader of the Martian Association of the Acceptance of the Medically Psychotic, or MAAMP...
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Uruguay takes control of Charon 3/22/2022
Uruguay has now taken control of both bases on Charon in effect giving them control over all human c...
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Mars psycho murders 3/15/2022
Murders have been commonplace on Mars for decades, but some Earth governments are now saying enough ...
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Lapetus imposes quarantine to stop syphilis outbreak 3/11/2022
Lapetus authorities have issued a global quarantine order effective immediately to stop the recent s...
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This week in history
1991 - Captain Franco of Callisto injured in assassination attempt 7/1/1991
Captain Franco who has been fighting a rebellion on Callisto for the last several months was injured...
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2014 - First successful Oberon Landing 6/14/2014
Oberon became the latest world settled by the human race today when a lander carrying 54 touched dow...
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2004 - Baseless arrests on Europa 6/9/2004
A requirement of the newly formed Europa Police Department is that they must arrest at least 10 peop...
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2007 - King Bob of Io marries 7/15/2007
His royal highness King Bob I of Io today married all 16 women on Io in a lavish ceremony. The women...
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2002 - Titan receives first human settlers 6/1/2002
A 242 man crew landed on Titan earlier today to make preparations for what will become the largest m...
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